This sixth edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2021 presents a few new features in the competition categories. The competition is still based on the BJCP beer classification, under its evaluation criteria but for this edition the steering committee of the competition has decided to expand the competition categories to respond to the reality of the market and the sector.

These deliberations were developed on two main axes. In on side, the fast evolution of the hop styles with the creation of new concepts and sub-styles. On the other side, the brewers are starting to produce new beverages close to beer styles.

Analyzing the participation of other editions, a continuous growth of the ‘Other’ section has been observed in categories 18 (Pale American Ale), 21 (IPA) and 22 (Strong American Ale). This caused that usual styles in the portfolios of the breweries and in the blackboards of specialized locals, don’t fit correctly in the categories defined by BCJP in 2015.

Thus, in this edition a series of subcategories have been created to respond to this request by breweries. These new subcategories are:

18C – Specialty Pale Ale (A) New England Pale Ale

18C – Specialty Pale Ale (B) Milkshake Pale Ale

18C – Specialty Pale Ale (C) Fruit Pale Ale

18C – Specialty Pale Ale (D) Other Specialty Pale Ale

21B – Specialty IPA (H) – Milkshake IPA

21B – Specialty IPA (I) – Fruit IPA

21B – Specialty IPA (J) – Session IPA

21B – Specialty IPA (K) – Brut IPA

21B – Specialty IPA (L) – Other Specialty IPA

22E – Specialty Strong American Ale (A) Doble NEIPA

22E – Specialty Strong American Ale (B) Doble Milkshake IPA

22E – Specialty Strong American Ale (C) Doble Fruit IPA

22E – Specialty Strong American Ale (D) Other Strong American Ale

On the other hand, to answer this new reality that is emerging in the country’s factories, we decided to open two new categories of their own because of the irruption of new drinks and the commitment to the diversification of products and business lines. Thus, in this edition there are two specific categories for:

Y1 – Non Alcoholic Beer

I2 – Hard Seltzer

With these changes, the organization hopes to continue creating useful tools for improvement and communication for the sector. Foster the innovative and professional spirit it has maintained since the first edition.