We present you the sixth edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge (2021), a competition of international scope that has contributed to, along with other initiatives, bringing to a new level of recognition and visibility for the best quality beers.

This new edition is born out of the desire to continuing promotion and giving visibility to this industry; a task that began with the first edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge in 2016. 

Impact of the previous edition

The 2020 BBC edition was attended by 245 breweries which submitted over 1,250 beer references to the competition, from 20 different countriesrepresenting all existing categories (34) in the BJCP catalogue. That reflects successful levels of participation of this contest which consolidates the awards that recognize, certify and disseminate the quality of beers that offer the highest standards quality. These awards are guaranteed by a jury with specific qualifications and training, achieve that the decisions of this one supposed to national and international recognition of the awarded beers.

The main objectives of the BBC are:

  • Recognize those beers that are brewed respecting high quality standards and in a faithful manner to the different styles they represent.
  • Contribute to the professionalization of beer sector, keeping a certified professional jury that use internationally certified tasting protocols.
  • Guiding the consumer, both nationally and internationally, when buying beer within the current wide range.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of beer culture through award-winning beers, regarding their diversity of styles and also the quality that are offering.


The BBC, inspired by different beer competitions worldwide, aims to make a contribution to the task of spreading information about quality beers across our country. This work, which comes from several areas in the brewing sector, needs adequate distinction tools to use them as an icon of quality within the market.

So, the BBC competition has been born under the organizational umbrella of the Barcelona Beer Festival: the main sector event in the entire country and one of the most important in south-Europe, attracting 35.000 visitors in one weekend and where the best national and international breweries are taking part. 

The synergy between the contest and the festival generates a meaningful media impact; getting that the message reach the society through the notoriety achieved in the press.

Take part of it!

Who can participate?

  • This fifth edition of the BBC is open to all breweries that wish to participate and who comply with current legislation from their corresponding countries in terms of the production and marketing of beer.
  • Participation in the contest is also open to brands that elaborate their beers in brewing facilities that hold the appropriate permits in terms of the production and marketing of beer.
This BBC’s edition will be limited to 1.200 entries to ensure beer’s evaluation quality.

The jury will be composed of national and international judges, all of them holders of the BJCP certificate (Beer Judge Certification Program) or similar studies. 

The BJCP certification program, launched in 1985, requires passing rigorous theoretical and practical tests to obtain it, and is an indispensable requirement for the selection of judges among the most prestigious festivals on a worldwide level.  We thus ensure a professional jury, with certified skills and criteria to taste, evaluate and score beer in a competitive context.

The regulations governing the contest that determine the BBC’s rules, organization and registration fees can be download in PDF format here

Follow this link to enrol in the Barcelona Beer Challenge.