Dead lines BBC 2020

Start registration: November 2, 2019

Closing registrations: January 10, 2020

Sampling period: From January 13 to 24, 2020, both included

Tasting of the jury: January 31, February 1 and 2, 2020

Communication of the winners: Sunday, March 15, 2020 at 12.00 at the BBF

New edition

We present the fifth edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge (2020), an internationally competition that has contributed to, along with other initiatives, providing a new platform of visibility and recognition to the best quality beers. This new edition is born out of the desire to continue to promote this industry; a task that began with the first edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge.

Download the BB19’s brief dossier

Impact of the previous edition

The 2018 BBC edition was attended by 200 breweries, submitting over 1000 beers to the competition, from 20 different countries, spread across the categories (34) in the BJCP catalogue. This is a reflection of the successful participation rates of this contest, solidifying the fact that these awards recognize, certify and publicise the highest standards in beer quality. The awards are presented by a trained and qualified jury, meaning that their decisions are in line with national and international standards of recognition for those receiving a prize.

Origin of the contest

The BBC, inspired by different beer competitions worldwide, aims to contribute to the challenge to spread information about quality beers across our country. This work, which involves several areas in the brewing sector, needs distinct tools to aid with public recognition of quality across the market.

And so the BBC competition was been born under the organizational umbrella of the Barcelona Beer Festival: the main sector event in the entire country, and one of the most important in south Europe, attracting 33,000 visitors in one weekend and hosting the best national and international breweries.

The synergy between the contest and the festival has resulted in a meaningful media impact, enabling the message to reach the public as a result of the attention received by the press.

Contest objectives

The main objectives of the BBC are:

  • Recognize those beers that are brewed respecting high-quality standards and in a faithful manner to the different styles they represent.
  • Contribute to the professionalization of the beer sector, bringing together a certified professional jury that use internationally certified tasting protocols.
  • Guiding the consumer, both nationally and internationally, when buying beer from amongst the current wide range available on the market.
  • Contribute to the dissemination of beer culture through award-winning beers, focusing on their diversity of styles and also the quality that are offering.

The BBC awards recognize, certify and publicise beer quality. These awards and recognitions are granted by a jury whose members have specific training and qualifications so that their decisions are in line with national and international standards.

Therefore, the BBC will also be a space for sharing experiences and will work as a tool to stimulate creativity among brewers. Our evaluation methodology ensures that each beer receives more attention than is normal for other contests so the judges’ diverse opinions can be robustly evaluated.

The BBC awards also aim to spread beer culture among consumers, as well as to guide them in the acquisition of high quality beers from amongst the wide range of beers available on the market. With this objective, the winners (and for each award-winning beer) will be provided with a logo that can be included on their labels, digital platforms, promotional materials, packaging, website, etc.; a distinctive seal that will provide information and help to publicise those award-winning beers.