Types of awards:

The breweries will receive recognition for its valued beers, which will materialize in some different awards endowed with the legitimacy granted by a jury selected and recognized internationally.

In the same way, the awards will contribute to the identification of winners in front of the consumers, wholesalers and other professionals. So each brewery (and, for each award-winning beer) will be provided with a logo that could be included on their labels, digital platforms, promotional materials, websites, etc.; a distinctive seal will provide information and will help raise the public profile of the award-winning beers.

The Barcelona Beer Challenge prizes are divided into three categories:

Awards for the best beer by style contemplated in the contest. Consists of Gold, Silver and Bronze medals. These prizes will be awarded taking into account the quality of the beer and will consider parameters such as: aroma, flavours, mouth feel, appearance, absence of defects; as well as the adaptation to the style to which beer is ascribed.

Award for the best brewer. This prize will be awarded the set of beers presented by the same brewer, and who obtains more points among all the beers, at the rate of: 2 points for a bronze medal, 3 for a silver medal and 5 for a gold medal.

Award for best rookie brewery. This award recognizes and visualizes the best Rookie Brewery (*). This prize will be awarded to the Rookie brewery that obtains more points among all beers presented, at the rate of: 2 points per bronze medal achieved, 3 points per silver medal achieved, 5 points per gold medal achieved.

Rookie Brewery: Brewery that starts the commercialization of its beer after January 1, 2017.

The prizes will be announced and will be awarded in a public ceremony on Sunday the 17th of March, within acts of Barcelona Beer Festival 2019.

To access more details regarding the allocation of points and selection criteria, it is recommended to consult the rules of the contest here.