51 judges of 20 different nationalities have decided the medals for each style.

Held on February 9-10-11, 2024 at the facilities of Clúster Craft Beer in Lliçà d’Amunt.

They have competed up to 1049 beers that will know the result in the next Inn Brew: The Brewers Convention.

February 13, 2024


Last weekend took place the ninth edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge that for the third consecutive year has been held at the facilities of the Cluster Craft Beer in Lliçà d’Amunt. A benchmark space in the craft beer sector that has won the admiration of beer judges from many countries. 


As usual, the jury has a large international presence, up to 20 nationalities represented in the set of 51 renowned judges with extensive experience in this type of competitions. The Barcelona Beer Challenge continues to be governed by the rules of the Beer Judge Certificate Program (BJCP), defining 58 competition categories corresponding to different beer styles. From the most classic to those that reflect the latest trends in the sector, such as the use of New Zealand hops in the New Zealand Beer category promoted by Agronet Brewing,


Entries closed at 162 participating breweries, which submitted 1,049 beers to the competition. A figure that maintains the competition as the most prestigious in the country, internationally recognized as a member of the European Beer Consumers Union, where there are already twelve partners after the incorporation this year of Greater Poland Beer Cup and Swiss Beer Award .

The breweries compete for as many medals as possible by submitting a maximum of fifteen different beers to the competition to increase the excitement and competitiveness in the three major awards. The honorary title of ‘Best Brewery of the Year’ is currently in the hands of the Valencian brewery Cosa Nostra Brewing. The award for newly created breweries, with the ‘Novell Brewery of the Year’ prize, which is in the hands of the Asturian Dúa Sparkling Beer.


The third grand prize is the ‘Innovation Award – Molina for Brewers’, which rewards creativity in the brewing process and the search for new beers that add value to the sector. In the previous edition, the Peruvian brewery 7 Vidas was recognized for the innovation of incorporating new local woods from the Amazon in wooden barrels for the maturation of its beer Shihuahuaco Dreams.

The winners of the Barcelona Beer Challenge will receive their awards at the already famous gala that this year will take place in the framework of InnBrew: The Brewers Convention, the professional fair of the beer sector that will be held at La Fira de Barcelona on March 22, 2024. The space where the sector will meet again to promote contacts, training and business in a fair oriented to the professional in all its value chain.