On March 22nd, 2024, the ninth Barcelona Beer Challenge, International Awards ceremony was held. Within the framework of the Barcelona Beer Festival and just after the first day of the Inn Brew, the Brewers convention, the starting signal was given to a gala full of awards and joys.

At mid-afternoon, and on the main stage of the Festival, brewers from all over the world made their predictions and bets on the awards that were about to begin presented by Judit Càrtex and Mikel Rius.

Let’s get started! Everything is ready to award the 173 medals in the 58 categories with 1,049 beers from 162 breweries from 14 countries. A very productive year as there was only 1 desert award and 3 Platinums awards (a beer that has won 5 medals throughout the history of the contest).

The first block started with the first 16 categories. As a novelty, Francesco Liberti presented the new medal that was a can and was possible thanks to the sponsorship of Nomoq.

Within this block it is also worth mentioning the gold medal of La Pirata with its KIA TAU in the Pacific Beer category, which is possible thanks to Agronet Brewing and the first PLATINUM with the silver medal for the Costa Brava “Gluten freee ” of Cervesa Marina.

We continue with the next 15 categories block,  where the GOLD of SANT’ELIA beer from Il Birrificio di Cagliari, became a PLATINUM award.

The block was closed with the most emotional award of the gala, the Steve Huxley Award, which is a recognition of a brewing career and a tribute to the industry. This year the award went to our dear Montse Virgili of Ales Agullons, ENHORABONA MONTSE!

Now it is the turn of 14 categories that end with the awarding of the MOLINA FOR BREWERS INNOVATION AWARD. An award that recognizes innovation within the brewing process and this year was awarded to a French brewery: Las intenables with Rhubarbe beer. BIEN JOUÉ!

We open the block of the last 13 categories with a Platinum for Mahou 5 stars. And finally, we get to the most exciting part where the 2 big awards. The Rookie Award went to an Italian brewery BIRRA PUDDU. CONGRATULAZIONI!

And now the final ranking! The best rated…countdown…excitement and …. THE BEST BREWERY AWARD FOR BASQUELAND BREWING, which takes the most outstanding recognition of the contest for the third year! ZORIONAK!