As you know, last March we had to cancel the 9th edition of the Barcelona Beer Festival due to the hard-worldwide crisis. Thus, the last few weeks have been the most difficult since we started this project, 9 years ago. But we also are convinced that we are going to need all the pieces to recover the scene, and as a piece we are, we want to be there. So, we decided to invest again in the project and recover to celebrate, all together, during the fall, the best BBF we would ever have done.

This affects all the projects that revolve around the BBF, one of the main ones, the Barcelona Beer Challenge. Born in 2016 with the aim of promoting and visualizing the beer sector, it has been five years of continuous growth and success. This 2020 we have once again broken records, with the participation of 245 breweries who presented 1,251 beers from 20 countries to the competition. Thanks to take part!

Many of you asked about the award ceremony of Barcelona Beer Challenge, this is why we decided to advance it. It will be on streaming, through our YouTube channel, we would like to meet you and unite the beer family all together and share these hard moments with you. This gala will be very special and unique, we will have 62 categories, 4 big awards and more than 100 guests, Thanks to all those that have taken part! We also invite you to be part of the gala, sharing your photos on the social networks with #barcelonabeerchallenge.

The event will be divided into parts, to be more dynamic abd leave for the second day our three big awards: INNOVATION AWARD, aims to motivate you to leave your everyday ways of working behind and begin to innovate in the sector. And our two classics: ROOKIE BREWERY and THE BEST BREWERY.

We would love you to join it, the event will be the 15th and 16th of April at 6 pm. We expect you to make a toast all together! Have your beer ready!

Thanks from the entire Beer Events team!