Who can participate?

This fourth edition of the BBC is open to all breweries that wish to participate and who comply with current legislation from their corresponding countries in terms of the production and marketing of beer.

Participation in the contest is also open to brands that elaborate their beers in brewing facilities that hold the appropriate permits in terms of the production and marketing of beer.

This BBC’s edition will be limited to 1000 entries to ensure beer’s evaluation quality.


The jury will be comprised of national and international judges, all of whom are holders of the BJCP certificate (Beer Judge Certification Program). The BJCP certification program, launched in 1985, requires recipients to pass rigorous theoretical and practical tests and is an indispensable requirement for the selection of judges amongst the most prestigious festivals globally.

In this way, we are able to ensure a professional jury, with the certified skills and abilities to taste, evaluate and score beer in a competitive context.


The regulations governing the contest that determine the BBC’s rules, organization and registration fees can be download in PDF format here.

Evaluation sheet

The organisers of the BBC have developed the following evaluation sheet used by the BJCP judges to evaluate the beers entering the contest. It can be downloaded in PDF format here.

Registration form

Follow this link to enrol in the Barcelona Beer Challenge.

Dead lines BBC 2019

  • Entries Deadline:
  • 11th January
  • Bottle Deadlines:
  • From 14th to 18th January both included
  • Judging Begins:
  • 25th, 26th and 27th January
  • Communication of winners:
  • 17th March in the BBF

Barcelona Beer Festival

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