BBC becomes the 9th member of the select list of certified contests.

European Beer Consumers Union (EBCU) is the association that brings together the associations of beer consumers in Europe. It includes 18 entities and in Spain, it is represented by the ACCE (Asociación Cerveceros Caseros Españoles) and CELCE (Club Español de Coleccionismo Cervecero). Their goals are to watch over beer quality, its diversity and the spreading of its culture.

Ten years ago it started the task of empowering beer contests, provided they maintain quality standards apropiate to the vews of the organization. Therefore, over the years, various contests have been incorporated to the EBCU, with their approaches and techniques validated by the EBCU. As of today, there were 8 contests chosen, making a select list of the most professional contests.

The Barcelona Beer Challenge asked to be part of that list two years ago. During that period, the BBC has been overseen and evaluated by a comitee from EBCU. Along this process, BBC has suggested various improvements that have been implemented succesfully, for the betterment of the contest. Finally, over the last reunion of the executive comitee, the inclusion was approved, making it the 9th selected contest and the first from Spain getting that distinction.

This recognition arrives in the middle of the preparation of its 7th edition. Healthy enough to be one of the main contests in Europe in registrations, jury participation and repercutions in terms of prizes positively affecting the winning breweries.