Dead lines BBC 2018

  • Entries Deadline:
  • 12th January
  • Bottle Deadlines:
  • 22th & 26th January both included
  • Judging Begins:
  • 2nd, 3rd and 4th February
  • Communication of winners:
  • 18th March in the BBF

Brief description of BBC 2017

Barcelona Beer Festival

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New edition

We bring you the third edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge, a competition of international scope that has contributed to, along with other initiatives, bringing a new level of recognition and visibility to quality beer. This new edition is born out of the desire to continue the task that we began with the first, and successful, edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge to promote and give visibility to this industry.

Download the BB18’s brief dossier

Impact of the previous edition

The first edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge was attended by 200 breweries from across 25 countries, which submitted over 750 beer references to the competition, representing all existing categories (34) in the BJCP catalogue, reflecting the successful levels of participation the competition enjoyed. The previous edition generated an international, competitive and representative context of the current brewer scene that has not gone unnoticed by the national and foreign media. On the other hand, for those breweries who were awarded prizes for their beers, this has meant new opportunities, the opening up of new markets and product recommendations along with improved packaging and the generation of new promotional content.

Origin of the contest

The BBC, inspired by different beer competitions worldwide, aims to make a contribution to the task of spreading information about quality beers across our country. Its objective is to reinforce this work, which is already underway as a result of the work developed by the various actors that make up the brewing industry, with the creation of awards that can be used as tools of distinction, awards that will be associated with high quality standards.

This competition has been born under the organizational umbrella of the Barcelona Beer Festival, the sector’s main event in the entire country and one of the most important in Europe, attracting 32,000 visitors on one weekend and where the best national and international breweries come together. Its impact on both the professional sector and on society in general, through its dissemination and publicity in the press, will serve to publicize the BBC and the winners.

Contest objectives

The BBC aims to create awards that recognize, certify and publicise the quality of those beers that are of the highest possible standards. These prizes, and the resulting recognition, will be awarded by a jury whose members all have specific training and qualifications so that their decisions will enjoy the national and international recognition they deserve.

The BBC has also set an objective to spread beer culture among consumers, providing them with information to guide them in the purchase of quality beers from among all those that are currently available on the market through the visibility of the various prizes awarded by the BBC, which will be featured on labels, packaging and other promotional materials.

In any case, the BBC also aims to stimulate excellence between beer producers, through the creation of a context of competition at a national and international level. The BBC will therefore also be a space for sharing experiences and will work as a tool to stimulate creativity among brewers. Our evaluation methodology employs an innovative process, ensuring a level of dedication to each beer that is much greater than is usual in other brewer contests so that the various opinions of the judges can be robustly evaluated.