Here we present the IV Barcelona Beer Challenge, an initiative that originates from the Barcelona Beer Festival, designed to complement the work that the BBF has been carrying out since 2012 to promote the beer industry.

The Barcelona Beer Challenge aims to become a brewing contest of reference, by creating prestigious awards given out by a professional jury, made up of both national and international BJCP judges, following a certified process of the evaluation of all the beers participating in the competition.

The main objectives of the BBC are:

• Recognize those beers that are brewed respecting high-quality standards and in a faithful manner to the different styles they represent.
• Contribute to the professionalization of the beer sector, bringing together a certified professional jury that use internationally certified tasting protocols.
• Guiding the consumer, both nationally and internationally, when buying beer from amongst the current wide range available on the market.
• Contribute to the dissemination of beer culture through award-winning beers, focusing on their diversity of styles and the quality that are offering

The contest also aims to promote the quality found in this industry, by offering all competing brewers the opportunity to receive the corresponding evaluation of any beers they have submitted to be judged.

Both the contest and the awards are structured following the 2015 BJCP division of styles. There will also be an award for the best brewery and the best Rookie Brewery (started the commercialization of its beer after 1st January 2017).

These awards will be able to be displayed as graphic elements that can be printed on labels, packaging and promotional material in order to grant higher visibility to those beers that are deemed to be of a high quality. There will also be trophies awarded which can be showcased at your respective facilities.

The awards will be presented during the VIII Barcelona Beer Festival, on Saturday the 16th of March, at a ceremony that is open to the attending public and which will enjoy the festival’s media coverage of the communication and promotion of the winners and will also involve the collaboration of a specialised communications agency.

REGISTRATION is now open and the deadline to submit confirmation of your participation is on the 11th of January or when the organization received 1000 entries (to ensure beer’s evaluation quality).