Registration and Evaluation Ratings in BBC 2016

//Registration and Evaluation Ratings in BBC 2016

Registration and Evaluation Ratings in BBC 2016

The deadline for registering in the 2016 Barcelona Beer Challenge ended on January 15, and the resulting subscription levels were excellent: over 500 beers from 150 breweries across 17 countries were entered into the competition. The level of competition will ensure a competitive context, representative of the current beer scene, as well as reflect the competition’s international scope.

Evaluations of the 500 beers entered were held on the 6 and 7 February in the tasting room at the Edge Brewing facilities located in the Poble Nou in Barcelona. These days of evaluation involved some 40 judges from various countries and was internationally accredited by the BJCP organization (Beer Judge Certification Program), ensuring that the assessment of each entry was subject to professional criteria. The evaluation session began with a brief introduction from the jury’s president, Albert Barrachina, who explained to the panel of judges the different procedures, particularities and logistics of the evaluations, in which 4 judges evaluate each beer that corresponds to their categories for a minimum of 15 minutes (equating to a total of 1 hour dedicated to each beer); the jury for each category is chosen at random, and their impressions and scores collected on an evaluation sheet that has been specifically designed by the competition’s organisers, and of which copies can be sent to the corresponding brewer. The evaluation sessions lasted for 2 hours and a total of 3 evaluations were carried out each day, with the corresponding breaks in between.

The following video shows clips from the evaluation sessions and interviews with the competition’s organizers:

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Dead lines BBC 2019

  • Entries Deadline:
  • 11th January
  • Bottle Deadlines:
  • From 14th to 18th January both included
  • Judging Begins:
  • 25th, 26th and 27th January
  • Communication of winners:
  • 17th March in the BBF

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