The 3rd edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018 kicks off

//The 3rd edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018 kicks off

The 3rd edition of the Barcelona Beer Challenge 2018 kicks off

The third edition of the most important beer competition in not only Catalonia, but across all Spain, will begin its third edition with the launch of the 2018 website and the opening of the registration period. The third edition aims to consolidate this event as the national and international beer competition of reference across southern Europe, as well as to promote innovative beer quality evaluation methodologies that gather consensus among judges to ensure juries arrive at the best decisions possible. To this end, the BBC promotions team has participated in several international competitions (UK, Germany, Chile, among others) as jury members to observe and transfer this knowledge to the BBC jury, -whose participatory numbers are set to increase from 50 to 75-, and to capture new learnings and ensure that any improvements observed at any of these first-rate events is incorporated into the BBC awards process.

This new edition is backed by the successes of the first two editions, especially the second, which was attended by 200 brewers, entering over 750 beers from 25 different countries. The event’s success has also been made possible because of its inclusion within the framework of the BBC Barcelona Beer Festival (BBF), a reference brewing festival that attracts over 32,000 visitors in a single weekend.

Efforts for this edition will also focus on improving the visibility and impact of the awards in terms of generating new business opportunities and expanding the international presence of the winning brands through collaborations at a number of different national and international festivals with which the BBC and the BBF has established solid working partnerships.

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Dead lines BBC 2019

  • Entries Deadline:
  • 11th January
  • Bottle Deadlines:
  • From 14th to 18th January both included
  • Judging Begins:
  • 25th, 26th and 27th January
  • Communication of winners:
  • 17th March in the BBF

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